Wednesday 20 October 2010

Blimey, Where's My Tea And Did I Pack My Passport? Can't Stop Now, for my website for my other website for the A Graceful Death exhibition, paintings from the end of life

Can't Stop Too Long, Got To Get A Plane 

Goodbye for the moment.  I am in my towel just out of the bath, got clean hair and rose scented cream on my face.  My bag is packed and I am sad to say that I can't fit any sensible shoes in the suitcase, so, well, I will have to wear my high heeled boots all the time.  For Art.  I have put on some washing (why?  I am going to Dublin.  Why do the washing now?) and 13 Year Old Son has gone to school and forgot his books and his phone.  I will take them in to his school in the few spare minutes that I had put aside to have breakfast and do a bit of This but what the hell.  I don't need breakfast and this will be a lightening blog.  
So, I will write more from Dublin.  We set up tomorrow, and tomorrow the Opening Party starts the whole A Graceful Death exhibition.  I am going to be interviewed by Alan Stanford on Saturday for a new radio station 4fm, so tune in this Saturday and hear how Ireland does AGD.  

Better go now, got all my Scarpetta novels (got only 5 or so to go) and so I will be busy at the airport and on the train and probably at the exhibition.  "What?"  I will say, "I can't talk now I am reading Scarpetta novels and will have to leave you to walk around and look at the pictures and do you know, I have only 5 Scarpetta novels to go now?"

Bye, onwards and upwards.  Maggie Hamblin is on Start the Week at the moment, she sounds absolutely wonderful.  Wonder if she would like a cup of tea one day.  Maybe I will stop off on the way to the airport and ask. 

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