Monday 11 October 2010

Lordy Lordy, I Am So Tired. This Is Life As A Success. for my website for my other website for the A Graceful Death exhibition, paintings from the end of life

Lordy Lordy.  How Tired I Am And Yet ...

And yet, I still go on.  This is unusual. I am not given to driving myself into the ground, I am more than happy to stop and read a book (Scarpetta.  Got about two more to go before I get the last few in the series.  If I am not grounded and sensible I could find that Art and Life gets in the way of my Reading Life.)  I am suddenly in a weary downward spiral having been full of action and derring do for the last month or so.  My Dublin A Graceful Death Host and his longstanding old pal came over from Dublin in the Pal's huge car/ocean liner and collected the paintings and all the boxes full of stuff for the exhibition which opens on the 21 October.  Wow.  In one weekend, the whole exhibition was removed and I sit here, utterly spent.  I expect it is a reaction to having got all the new paintings done, and all the organisation takes ages and ages to do.  And now, they are in Dublin waiting for me to come over and set them all up and be there for 5 days showing them.  

However, today I have done a lot.  I will do the usual, and bullet point them below.  It looks very impressive that way.  
  • Woke up at 7.30 feeling dreary and weak willed.
  • Put on some nice clothes and perfume!  Nothing weak willed about that!  
  • Had dear dear Olivia for breakfast to talk about her new book.  "One Hundred Illuminating Conversations To Have With Your Loved One".  It is about philosophical conversations you (she) could have with your spouse or partner (she has with her equally eccentric husband who is a darling too).
  • I am possibly illustrating it and doing the cover, so I showed her some drawings which she loved.  Funny little twist here, they are drawings I did in the 1980s of me and my then husband Nicholas, chatting in space.  I did lots of drawings of him and me floating and chatting and living in amongst the planets up in space
  • Had the best time with Olivia 
  • Cycled to Bognor and back for various things.  Point I am making here is that I cycled somewhere,  I am really cool.
  • Wrapped up and took my Anne and Peter Snell painting to Goodwood to join the other shortlisted paintings for the Chichester National Open Art Exhibition.  
  • Will pick it up next Tuesday unless it gets through to the next stage
  • Felt very smug.  
  • Had nice clothes on and perfume. Got high boots on so strut a bit to get maximum attention before getting back into the car and taking them off and falling asleep for 10 mins.  
  • Sainsburys.  Food for the 13 Year Old Son for whom the words I Am Full Up are a meaningless jumble of sounds
  • Home, fed son and myself and took to the 
  • Sofa!  With a Scarpetta novel and radio and before I could do either, I fell asleep
  • Woke to Darling Dublin Friend phoning and telling me her PR friend has arranged a radio interview for me about AGD when I am there.
  • Panic.
  • Went back to sleep. Still wearing high heel boots.  
So there, lots happening.  Now, because I am such a weary and high living type, I am going to bed.  Tomorrow is another day - but - today has not been so bad considering I am so exhausted and slow and want to eat chocolates and lie down.  If I was Kay Scarpetta, now is the time, when exhausted anyway, that I would go out and do an autopsy on five new serial killing victims and then, even though I had a crushing headache and the whole Law Enforcement Thing was corrupt and Against Me, solve the case in a showdown in the dark with only a surgical glove and a jar of formaldehyde to save me.  And when the good cops (that like me and are worthy and uncorruptable) arrived, I would not shriek "Mummy!" or "He nearly got me I am so scared give me Milk Tray and Paracetamol and a Terry's Chocolate Orange Whaaa"  she would say in a cracked but terrifically stoic and IQ-of-180 type of voice "Huh.  What kept you (splat)" and fall over in a worthy and non attention seeking dead faint.

But I am not Kay Scarpetta.  I am going to ignore everyone that wants me and go to sleep and dream of being on tour with the Jolly Boys as Jolly Artist Extraordinaire.  Goodnight.

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