Tuesday 5 October 2010

Hold On My Friends, I Am In A Frantic Battle With Time And I Am Winning -

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Hold On, My Dear Friends, An Update Is Coming.  I Am Just At The Tail End Of Frantic.

This is a short, succinct and passionate blog.  It says I Am Coming Back, it says - Time, That Waits For No Woman, Has Upended All My Plans Recently And I Am In The Process Of Snatching Back My Days.  There.  That is how it has been here.  Bullet Points follow, to show how deadly succinct I am.
  • 13 Year Old Son has had his Operation.  He has a new eardrum and no hope of any hearing in his left ear.
  • He is home for 2 weeks with an ear like a Bash Street Kid, like a long trumpet on the side of his head.  His does hurt a lot though, and he is not feeling so good
  • Coming round from the anaesthetic on the childrens ward (Son is 6' tall with deep voice.  Not an obvious child.) Son was wheeled in with his head in bandages.  "Thank you" he muttered to the nurses and as they were leaving he shouted out after them "You're fat and I hate you!".  The nurses chortled and said it was the drugs and they'd heard worse.  Son then told the ward that there was a party in the recovery room downstairs with a clown and a French man.  A little while later when my guard was down he yells "Fuck!" and that is when I put a pillow over his face.
  • Son remembers nothing
  • At least that is what he says
  • A Graceful Death is going to Dublin on the 20 Oct.
  • Loads of people to call.  Like the Glorious Clarissa because she says she has News for me.  That, my dears, is soooo tempting.  Clarissa is just fab to talk to, she is so interesting.  Take the morning off and phone her, I think.
  • Finished 2 paintings, started another, made up 28 cards for a Methodist Church in Lancashire
  • House needs a total clean
  • Want a cleaner
  • Anyone know a nice cleaner?
  • Kitchen gets delivered on Saturday and no where to put it.
  • But, ordered all the Kay Scarpetta novels I could on Amazon and they arrived in a lorry today.  
  • Going to bed now to read them all, one after another.
  • Oh I have been so busy.  There is so much more to tell you - but
  • Another time.
  • Blog tomorrow.
  • Get the comfy chair ready, and have your secretary bring you tea and egg mayonnaise sandwiches tomorrow at teatime
  • And I will write a very calm, very informative, very clever blog for you to read.
See you all tomorrow.  It's going to be a heavy night with Kay Scarpetta, better get started.  

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