Thursday, 28 October 2010

Oh. Need A Pot Of Tea To Do This. Wait A Moment... for my website for my other website  for the A Graceful Death exhibition, paintings from the end of life.  Go now to read the write up of the latest showing from Dublin.

Oh.  Got My Tea And Jam And Toast.  Did Some Washing Too.  And Went To The Loo.

I am unpacked from my visit to Ireland, and I have been to Tescos.  The Sons have returned and are going through the food like the old Packman eaty-head on the first type of video games.  Both sons need everything that they own washed, and both sons are very tired thank you very much.  What seems to happen when any of the Offspring come home, is that a theatrical and dramatic Exhaustion explodes onto them, which means that they can only do social or eating things, their overwrought bodies can't cope with anything else.  Except long hot baths and lots of telly.  So Delicate, they mouth at me from the sofa, I Am So Delicate (little cough).   Well I am Not I say, and stomp around Doing Things.  It is half term this week, always a time of great Eating and Washing.  I used to Fetch and Carry too, but one son does all his travelling on the bus or train and the other can't think of anything worse than getting off the sofa.  Daughter lives and works in Brighton, and is a Wholly Grown Up Person.  She is training to be a nurse and is doing night shifts for a while.  Very impressive.

This is a Rambling Blog.  I am absolutely exhausted.

I have not yet unwound from my trip to Dublin - please go to to read how it went.  It was very wonderful.  

Anyhow.  To Ramble on.  Alan came over last night.  There was a point in the evening when we were all (13 Year Old Son, Alan and Me) sitting on separate chairs and sofas with the telly on and each of us on a laptop.  That is how   a) Tired we were  b) Disfunctional we were  c) Clever we were. 

So, back to now.  I did have some tea, and I did have a couple of nice big wholemeal doorstops of toast, with butter and jam.  I ate the toast over the keyboard in here and a nice big sticky jammy cherry fell off the toast and plopped onto the letter B, rolled onto the letter V and then fell over the space bar onto the floor with a teeny splat.  I found this a very heartening little display.  There is already quite a lot of cake actually in the keyboard, and some yogurt over the numbers on the right hand side.  There is evidence of tea on the caps lock, and on the F1 to F4 keys, so it is as if my food wants to stay here with me.  There is a growing Menu of Comfort Food actually inside my computer.  Wonderful.  If I really lose my way in life, I can lick my keyboard and have a nice balanced diet.

I did put some washing away.  I love it when everything is clean, I just love how clothes smell when they are newly washed and ready to be put away.  I feel like Doris Day.  "My oh my!  Is that a spot of Mother's chocolate cake on your collar?  Oh My!  Let me dab it off with my hanky!  Oh you!  Goodness me (a girly chuckle) what am I to do with you?  Oh My!"  I did go to the loo too.  I have changed the towels and the bath mat from my Blue Set to my Lime Green Set, and I like to go in and have a Look.  It is very nice to be tired, quite wobbly, and thrilled with the Lime Green Bath Towel Set.  It means I go to the loo as often as I can.  Just today, mind, tomorrow I aim to be a bit more normal.

Now I am getting ready to drive into Chichester to do some Serious Things.  I have a list, otherwise I would park the car under a tree in a car park somewhere and gaze blankly at the tree trunk and wonder why I was there and who put the tree in the way of the car.  I am taking Costya the General Ruler Of All Things with me, to help me open my car door and remember my name. I really am that tired.  Tonight, I am going to slump in front of a DVD with 13 Year Old Son and go into a coma.  Tomorrow is another day.  I look forward to it.  Now, I must chew my keyboard for some strength before going into Chichester.  

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