Wednesday 1 April 2009

Here At Last

It is 2pm and I am only now sitting in my studio, wearing my old green stained boiler suit (statement of intent, I am a Working Person in my Stained Boiler Suit). But I have done some work, of a sort. Today's big success is as follows -

I found a man called Tony who has said he can, and will, make a fancy Baroque Picture Frame for my Jesus on the Tube. He said he would call me today when it is done, and gave me a price which was below my budget. I said nonchalantly "Oh let me see mmmm ok then. And have I your word that it will be done by close of business today?" What I was actually supressing was "Ohmigod omigod omigod are you sure? Can I look after your aging mother for you? Can I give you one of my sons as a slave (the 15 year old one) can I tie your shoelaces? A real frame? By tonight? And this frame too? The fancy baroque one that I really want? Money is no object I will sell my house for this"

Tony must be one of the few people who doesn't know the agony and ecstasy of painting this JOTT. His picture framing shop is a place of calm and detached measuring of frames and cutting of glass and sticking down of backs so the picture hangs nicely on the wall.

I have left the framing till the last minute, it is all my fault. In London I had a wonderful friend called Charles who had a framing business round the corner from my house and was used to me doing this. Perhaps I should make sure Charles and now my new framing provider Tony, never get to know of each other. This JOTT goes off to USA tomorrow and has to be ticketty boo for the beautiful family in Connecticut who commissioned it and only want a nice picture not an epic saga to go with it.

After the framing success I went with my daughter for a pedicure at the local college to let the students practice on real people. I was so relieved and emotional I fell asleep and didn't talk to the delightful girl who did my feet. I think I had an Old Person's feet and was allowed to pass out with all the other Old People that she must have to practice on.

So now, it is time to put all that excitement aside, and do the Ross Family Portrait. Today, I will do Clothes, Textures and Materials. The big day of completion is in sight. Allellulia.

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