Wednesday 15 April 2009

Ross Family Portrait and Jesus on The Tube Pictures (and then paperwork day)

Here is the Ross Family Portrait. I didn't say that the Rosses loved it, and they did. They do. They really do and I am breathing easy and feeling kind of sad it is all done and over. This is oil on wood, and the painting continues round the sides of the painting. It is 3' by 2' so quite a size. Note, please, the Pergola.... Each of the family members wears the outfits that suit them best, and has items that relate to them and who they are around them. For example, Jamie is the Master of the Household and is at the barbeque, and has smart blue clothes, shiny brown shoes and has a brief case, a tennis racquet and some Cobra non alcoholic beer as his attributes. On the far left, Ed has longer hair and has his jeans and shirt on and has as his items his trumpet, a book of sonatas and some Bishops Finger beer. Helen , the Lady of the House and mother of five, wears her favourite floaty top and has pink espadrilles with little white polka dots. She carries a tray of her famous salmon, egg and avocardo entrees. And so on. Lovely family, full of fun and music, and all with fantastic hair.

This is the Jesus on the Tube for the beautiful family in Connecticut. This was a success too, and I am very happy about that. This was only 7" by 9" and painted in acrylics on paper. So completely different to the big oil masterpiece above. Here the children have their special items to say who they are and what they like to do. Natalia on the far left likes knitting and is knitting a scarf. She wears her favourite Woodstock tee shirt. Next to her Isabella has her pretty pink track suit on and has drawing things and her twinkly pink purse. Paula who is the Mum, has a bunch of flowers and a Fortnum and Mason bag and wears her favourite espadrille shoes. Jesus is having a cup of tea and has little Alexander's yo-yo dangling from his elbow. Little Alexander sits on his Dads knee sharing his ipod and has his best blanket on the seat between him and Jesus. Matt, the Dad, has a cup of coffee and his smart clothes, and has his cat in a cat carrier next to him and his beloved Mariner (the dog) at his feet.

So same kind of idea for both paintings, but one is huge and the other is tiny.

Now, I have much paper work to do. Easter is over and I think I have eaten almost on auto pilot. Weight Watchers doesn't prepare one for eating on auto pilot. So today it is back to a sensible diet. Actually, my darling sister in law told Alan he's lost weight and that was great. He looks slimmer. Didn't tell me I looked slimmer though. Probably wanted to wait till I had swallowed the whole large chocolate egg I had crammed with a kind of primeval urge into my mouth while clutching savagely a box of (12 year old son's) Pringles to my chest. Not a good moment to discuss or comment on my weight. 19 year old Daughter is back from the USA last night, and it is lovely to have her back. So today we visit Grandma who is 79 today and just recovering from a nasty virus. So it will be lovely to see her.

Had my tea, done my blog, now got to do the stuff on the desk which has piled very high, and then 2 more Jesus on the Tubes to do before the end of May.

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