Thursday 23 April 2009

Another Jolly Day

Everyone off to school that needs to go. Good. 15 year old son came down late and glared at the clock and then glared at me as if to say You Changed All The Clocks. I smiled and looked benign, because experience tells me this son never believes he is wrong. However, he scuttled off muttering and I carried on smiling and looking sweet. Like a nice Mummy.

Nice mummy received a text from 19 year old daughter at 1.30am from her bedroom yards away to say that her next USA trip was off. She has only just come back from one and had another over Christmas and New Year. She was planning to go back next week. I think our family in USA is probably still recovering and think that perhaps adoption papers will be the next step from her.

However, we had planned to go swimming this morning and so we did. 19 year old daughter was like a girl with thwarted plans. I knew from waves of disapproval that It, whatever It was, was my fault. However, we swam, I in my new Tesco red and white polka dot costume feeling like exciting kind of Mum, and daughter wore my nice blue halter neck costume. With her blonde hair and blue eyes and wonderful shape she was by far the most beautiful dolly bird there. I got full marks for trying with a loud spotty costume.

More pain when we got home, daughter broke her phone and now there was very little reason to live. So I drove us into Chichester. And, clever girl that she is, she has pulled herself together and spent her USA money on an up to the moment new contract phone that can name every planet in the solar system and empty the dishwasher. Daughter has not got a phone she has a pet. She is teaching it her handwriting now so that it can recognise it and make text messages from it. And then the rest of the USA money went on two pairs of shoes that make her happy again and reduce the national credit crisis by at least half.

Now I am back in the studio, more tea under my bright pink furry teacosy, and only myself to think of. Allellulia.

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