Wednesday 22 April 2009

Something Started

Well, brought my tea over to the studio as usual this morning after the boys had gone to school, and found more exciting emails about where to try for Steve's exhibition. I seem to have many leads in London, but not many down here yet. I will try them all, and then I will have to paint the pictures. That will be hard but boy, will they be good. I will stun you all with them. And myself, I imagine.

There is a bee in here with me, and the sun is shining outside. A tiny spider sat on the edge of my water jar as I was painting in acrylics this morning, and watched me paint some Forget-Me-Nots in a glass vase. I never really liked blue, but today all I want to paint is blue. I have arrived, I like blue. I am normal.

I am painting Jesus on the Tubes. There is much research and thought that goes into each painting, and today is that day. I am looking up images and items to paint as my new JOTT family's attributes that they carry on the train with them. Lots of football imagery in this new painting, Jesus likes football here. Have to be careful not to paint Jesus in blue though, he has to be seen to be above having a favourite team.

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