Tuesday 21 April 2009

Thank You For All Your Comments

Following the article on Steve in the Chichester Observer I am really grateful for all the responses I received. The exhibition will take place at some time some where, watch out for it.

Now. Moving into the studio world again, the highs and lows of day to day life in here. The roller coaster existence of a Bogor Regis whirlwind of creativity and passion. That's me. I have 12 year old son off to school after his eggs on toast, with most of it down his front and in his hair. Quick change of shirt and tidying him up and he goes with a pre-teen grunt of disgust to the train. "Bye sweet little boy who used to love his mummy" I say as he trudges off. "Ug" I hear him say in the distance.

15 year old boy next. Where is his bus pass and what have I done with it, he says as I hand him his green tea which he has for his health. I remain quiet, this doesn't seem like a conversation to me, it sounds like a formula to make it easier to assert himself over his mum sending him off to school still. And off he goes, with his trousers accidentally tucked into his white socks, looking so cool till you get to his ankles and there he looks like Michael Jackson from Killer.

Only 19 year old daughter to go. She doesn't start work till the evening, so she can sleep on and I am in the studio. With my tray of tea, my working coat on, and much to do. I feel sad these days, since I took out all Steve's pictures in order to work on them. Where did he go? Well, I am far enough removed from the 29 November 2007 now to make the paintings, and I am ready for it. And I have to say, Alan is always so supportive. He helped me do my garden flower pots on Sunday in the sunshine. How lovely is that? The pots of flowers look exciting, fresh and healthy in my garden and outside my studio. My garden and studio look cared for. Off to do two more Jesus on the Tubes now, and get ready for the Open Doors Studio Trail I am taking part in on 9 and 10, 16 and 17 May. Never a dull moment in here.

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