Tuesday, 7 April 2009

I Done It

I have finished the Ross Family Portrait. It is done and almost finished and is next door wanting just a bit of a fiddle here and there. So. I can do it. So. The pergola was not an insurmountable problem, the Face I Couldn't Do got done, the materials and fabrics got done and somehow here we are. The day dawns when the Ross Family Portrait will be on the Ross Family Wall being gazed at by the Ross Family. What do you know.

The Jesus on the Tube has gone and is happily received. The beautiful lady who commissioned it is happy in Connecticut, and likes it. And likes the frame (thank you thank you thank you framers in Chichester).

So today I am a bit flat. 12 year old son was up all night with food poisoning, much sickness and pooh, and I didn't get to bed till 6am when it seemed to clear up. He is so good and stoic, he is such a sweet child and I slept in his single bed with him until he said Your're too big mum and you snore, can you go to your own bed? I thought I was being the selfless loving mother sharing in her son's trauma. but actually I fell asleep, sprawled all over his bed and snored. He had to climb over me to get to the loo. A lot.

London tomorrow to present the painting, looking forward to it and hope they like it. I like it. Bye.

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