Friday 9 July 2010

I'm Taking My Exhibition On Death To A Festival On Love for my website for my other website for the A Graceful Death exhibition, paintings from the end of life, and its venue in Oxford for this weekend to email me

Here is an Angel to start your day.  It is about 3' tall, and is one of a pair commissioned by the Remarkable Renaissance Lady, Lucy Martin.  I will put the second Angel at the end of today's Account of Being and Artist and Mother in Bognor Regis.  Goddam.  Now you have to read the whole blog to get to the Angel at the end.  Oh these mind games.  Never mind, mustn't grumble.

The Festival of Nine Muses Hosts An Exhibition On Death.  (And then there were eight.  And then seven ...)

I am being flippant.  Of course the Exhibition on the End Of Life does not target New Life and smite it at each showing.  Nine Muses will start at the Festival of Love, and Nine Muses will finish at the Festival on Love.  My exhibition is about love, so much about love.  It is because we love that we want to celebrate and remember those we have lost.  At the end of a life, alongside pure sorrow and grief, is pure love.  My A Graceful Death will sit beautifully alongside poems and exhibitions on Love.  It will be a bit more End of Lifey, that's all.

Yesterday, I potted 10 pots of glorious, riotous, ecstacy-inducing colour in my garden.  I have, outside my studio, outside the kitchen, in the patio, and hidden amongst the sweet peas, the following.

  • Gerberas.  (Pink ones)

  • Geraniums (red ones)

  • Petunias (which ones were they again?)

  • Lavender (reminds me of my Grandpa who was a Genius in the Garden.) (He was a Genius at Gardening, he didn't solve the Mysteries of the Universe etc only while in the garden.)
Alongside all this, I have Roses (scented), Hollyhocks (Oh Wow!  My most favourite flower ever ever ever except for Roses, and then, mostly, only pink and red ones)  and all sorts of Amazing Specimens that bloom in little pockets amongst all the other wonderful motley collections of colour and wildness in the garden.  My garden, is, like me, doing its own thing and being jolly colourful about it too.

I am packed.  The A Graceful Death is going to Milton Manor in Oxford.  There will be 6 of us in our group, and we will be sleeping under a Kath Kidson 7 Sleeper Wigwam.  I told the Glorious Clarissa that I would sleep under a Kath Kidson Colander as long as it was Kath Kidson. I have tons of food, I have cushions, rugs, sleeping bags and socks in case my feet get cold at midnight.  I have loo roll so that I can wee in the bushes with home comforts.  I have packed my biggest teapot in my biggest teacosy, and six nice spotty mugs so that as we sit outside our Designer Kath Kidson Wigwam, we can be seen to be Kath Kidson Types having tea in a Big Spotty Teapot and Six Spotty Mugs.  I will of course, be very busy, trying to find where my Greenhouse is.  I believe it is all a little chaotic, so I may have to improvise a lot.  I may have to set A Graceful Death up in the Kath Kidson Wigwam. 

I have bought myself a Video Camera that looks like a Mobile Phone it is so compact.  It is to film the Oxford Experience, so look out it may come your way via YouTube.

Here, to signal the end of today's Romp Through The Life Of An Artist In Bognor, is the other Angel.  They were commissioned as a pair for Renaissance Lady Lucy Martin's husband, who I may say, is a bit of a Groover on the Dance Floor.  (Reference to his 40th birthday party where despite having had a dreadful tummy bug while coming home from a family camping holiday, he came to his party and Made Like John Travolta.  Such stamina.)

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  1. Have a wonderful time. Looking forward to the film of the weekend.