Monday 19 July 2010

My Books Are Sorted In Author Order And I Can Die Happy for my website for my other website about Jesus being Ignored on the Tube for the A Graceful Death exhibition, paintings from the end of life to email me

My Books Are Sorted In Author Order And There Is Peace On Earth

I had a busy weekend.  I did eat at my mothers and being a good mother she gave me lots of food from her cupboards and larder to take home, and wrapped up the lunch remains and gave me that too.  I even got a raw steak in some cling film because 13 Year Old Son likes steak these days.  Being a Veggie household I don't always think Steak but now I am and Son will be not only Happy but Nourished.

Mother has had her house painted white top to bottom.  It is very clean, it looks lovely but it is kind of like walking into a film set of Heaven.  She has rid herself of much furniture too.  That, alongside the giving of her food from her stocks, makes me think that at 80 years old she is Downsizing and Getting Ready for the next big step which is the ending of her days.  Mother is very grounded and has less than no fear of dying, she is a very spiritually advanced, practical, funny and lively person and gives Meditation classes once a week, being a great meditator.  She uses tapes for each session to focus the mind and spirit on a selected theme, something that is necessary in this world like Love, or Peace, or Forgiveness etc.  She was listening to a tape on How To Organise Your Own Funeral once, and taking notes and doing the lists etc while organising her funeral and sorting out her burial plot (which she has done and is very chuffed to have got it all organised to her satisfaction in advance).  Her ladies arrived and sat down, took deep breaths and Mother switched on the tape and found that she had not removed her How To Organise Your Own Funeral tape and put in her Meditation one.  So the Ladies meditated on their own funerals and Mother went with the flow.  Never Apologise, she says, Never Explain.  Apparantly they were very moved by Mother's insight and Mother just smiled and said nothing.

So. Last night I talked over my Bathroom with my Mother and my 13 Year Old Son.  "Have a new one" they both advised.  "I have no money for that" I said with a merry little chuckle, "but what I can do is move all the books on the bookshelf outside the bathroom and put all the towels and Stuff there."  "We knew you could do it" said my Mother and my Son, "and when you get a moment, get a new bathroom too."  So last night I found myself doing all the books in my house.  They were hoovered to remove the dust and set up in Author Order and all the kiddie books removed to the attic.  Then, all the ones I don't want are in a box in the garage ready for a Car Boot Sale.  And, the towels etc are outside the bathroom and I cannot get enough of looking at it all and feeling Superior.

Today, today is a nice day.  The very nice and talented Artist in Residence from St Barnabas House Hospice is coming here to discuss our project on Angels for the Day Patients at the hospice.  My printer is not working so I am going to throw it out of the window and see if that works.  I have managed to cut the wood for my two Angels commission so wonkily that I will have to start again.  I need a Man to do it, someone with a Steady Hand on my Power Saw or a Big Machine that will do it all in a trice.  So far, the wood has been pared down to the size of very drunken looking postage stamps.  The poor lady was promised nice Angels on a proper sized pieces of straight wood.   And the Rev Rachel Mann has sent photos I can't print out because my printer is broken.  But all is not lost!  I have found loads of books when clearing out yesterday and one was about Spiritually Manifesting Things.  I will spiritually manifest a new printer, once I read the chapter on Spiritually Manifesting Office Equipment.  I also have the name and number of a Computer Man so if I haven't manifested a new printer by this afternoon, and throwing it out of the window hasn't worked, I will give him a call.

At some point, 13 Year Old Son and I are going to the beach where he will force me to swim in the cold sea for his enjoyment.  Then we are looking at our local tennis club to see if he can join.  What fun.  (What a relief.)

I must go!  It is nine o'clock and it is time to Manifest Things.  I manifested some tea, which went down very nicely.  For your peace of mind, here is a picture of my spotty teapot and some of the six spotty and stripey mugs I took to Oxford and the Festival of the Nine Muses last weekend.

There is a red teacosy in the basket too and note.  Note for when I come visiting, blue top milk. I can't stand semi or fully skimmed milk - I get violent when someone reduces my fat intake and milk that is not full cream is not my friend.  Just bear it in mind for when you next make me tea.  Very strong, with lots of full cream milk.  Or I will get violent.  Thank you.

I have just thought of something.  There are no more books in my mother's house.  She has given them plus the bookcases away when the house was painted Heavenly White last weekend.  And here I am doing my books and getting rid of them and using the bookcases for fluffy bathroom towels.  Is there something I should know?  Am I on my way out?  Better manifest some bookcases while I am doing the Printer.  My work on earth is not yet done etc etc.

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  1. Love the basket. : -)) And the sound of your new shelves. Decluttering is a wonderful thing to do, though I sincerely hope that neither you nor your Mum shuffle off the mortal coil for a good while yet.