Saturday 17 July 2010

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Les Flon-Flons Du Bal!  Eh?

Oh how wonderful.  I have a new collection of my much loved Edith Piaf songs and amongst the new ones is this astonishing title.  I thought I was mishearing her, but no it is called Les Flons-Flons Du Bal. I tried to say it but sounded like I had a blocked nose.  Edith of course, sings it with such ease and style.  If any of you manage to say it and make it sound sophisticated please let me know. 

What are Flons-Flons Du Bal?  I expect all of you know.  If the French Student who Never Complained Once was still here, he would be able to tell me.  "On he hon he hon" he would say.  " We have Flons-Flons Du Bal in every cupboard at home.  There are special Flons-Flons licences and we have contacts in the Flons-Flons world that would make your eyes water."  I would thank him then, and apply to be a Flon-Flon.

Now.  A Graceful Death is doing its thing.  It will not be going to Edinburgh to the Festival this year, but I am very interested in seeing about next year.  I met the most fabby inspirational lady yesterday who came to the Studio to see the paintings, and for me to talk with her about End of Life, Love, Life, Death, God etc.  She wants to come to Dublin to see AGD when it goes there.  That would be such a good thing, she really is a special lady. I think she could talk about almost anything with interest and knowledge.    And, apart from that, Angels are coming into the studio.  I am at last happy to start the Rock Chick Angel Of The North for Rev Rachel Mann who is the Rock Chick Angel Of The North, I am just the first to paint it.  And there are two more Angel portraits to do.  There is so much work coming in and I am sometimes reminded of how small I really am.  I have a job in life, and it is important.  It is to do with Art, with Creativity and Expression, and I couldn't for the life of me describe what it was.  Maybe that is because it is unfolding around me as I speak.  And I want to write a book, which would be very hard work but I would love to try.  Maybe that is why Edith introduced me to Flons-Flons.  I shall write about them.

I just spoke to Norgweigian Artist Friend, who says we can use his name.  Bertie! Hello Bertie.  He is waiting to hear about a very big important commission, and is doing his washing up now before his Commission People arrive to discuss what could be the Making Of Him.  Bertie lives amongst the Norweigian Scenery and Mountains and Fjords and will probably live till he is 200.  He eats the fish he catches, and even though he has a rather troublesome leg, he walks for miles.  But now, he has to stay put, in his Norweigian House, because the Commission People Are Coming Any Moment. 

The Grave Digging Gardener has made my garden look wonderful.  He cut the grass like it was something he just happened to do in a spare five minutes.  It took me a day, with much heaving and shoving, to make my garden look a bit less like a field.  "I will give you stripes" he said, "on your lawn".  "Blimey," said I.  "Can I have a White Horse at some point?"  The G.D.Gardener is a very fascinating fellow.  He is dropping off a book on Spiritual Matters before I go to Ireland next week - he is a deep fellow, and thinks very profoundly.  He responded to the AGD paintings physically with a powerful understanding.  You can see why he should do my garden, can't you? 

I must go now and get the 13 Year Old Son up, and wake the Muppet, as we are going to my mother's for lunch.  Arty Man With A Motor Bike and his Ginger Best Friend are whizzing about and being great fun, so it is all Go in My House.  I must leave the sanctuary of my studio now, even though I would love to stay here all day and discuss Flons-Flons with you, and listen to Edith sing, but when Mother Cooks, we all Get There On Time.  It will take my Sons at least 10 minutes to remember who I am and what their names are, so I must go and wake them now and start the process. 

Bertie with a Chicken On His Head.  I name that chicken Flon-Flon.

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  1. ill have you know thats a very well known chicken.