Monday 26 July 2010

Take Me Back To Oireland, Oh Let Me Eat More Spuds/Chocolate Rice Krispie Cake/Cheesy Chips for my website for my other website about Jesus being on a Tube for the A Gracerful Death exhibition, paintings from the end of life to email me

I Am Home.  Oirlend Is A Whole Flybe Experience Away.  Take Me Back, Take Me Back (Sob)  (Burp).

Darling Dublin Friend took this of me being Possessive of her cottage and the surrounding Foliage.  The sea is beyond the green stuff, and there is a golf course hewn into the green stuff the other side of the cottage.  The wild horses that stayed here the same time as us must have looked at all this lush green grass and said to each other "Blimey, I 'm not wild anymore, I think I am going to stay here and finish all this grassy stuff and try Domestication."

We, the Tribe from Bognor and I, left at 4.30am last week to go to Ireland.  In Ireland, we had more fun than is allowed in the Tourist Handbook.  This is why.

This is the Chocolate Krispie Spotty Fiftieth Birthday Teapot Cake With White Chocolate Buttons For Spots And Curley Wurley Handle And Spout On Wire (that I licked after taking off the curley wurley and eating it).  My birthday is in fact in August, but because the Darling Dublin Friend and her husband, The Nicest Man In Ireland, won't be seeing me on that actual day, they and their two lovely kiddies and my large lot made this surprise cake for me.  I was surprised.  Blinking well gobsmacked because it was such a generous kind and creative item, and I simply did not expect it or any reference to the birthday.  It isn't my actual birthday till August 6, I am still really 49 years old and can't really party too much till the beginning of August, so to have a fabby Perfect Cake presented at the end of July was just the best.  And yes, it tasted of Heaven and yes I am clinically obese now.  Hence the burp in the title.

Just before I move on from Food, the Spuds in the title were the best spuds in the Universe.  Darling Friend's Husband, The Nicest Man In Ireland, dug them up from their garden and brought them to the cottage and I am probably not very stable when it comes to food anyway, but I darn nearly lost the plot with these fluffy white, light, tasty potatoes followed by Chocolate Rice Krispie Teapot Cake.  And the Cheesy Chips?  See below.  Blonde Witty Daughter and the Muppet and I went to an Oirish Pub to see and be seen. We ordered Cheesy Chips with our tea (me) and guiness (them) and kind of bonded over fat and starch.  As all good families do.

Tea for me and Guiness for the Muppet.  Kind of blurry because the lady with the Cheesy Chips was coming and Witty Blonde Daughter was taking the photo and struggling to concentrate.

Muppet and Witty Blonde Daughter.  In pub in Arklow and Having Fun.  As Ever.

Darling Dublin Friend set up a table in the cottage with all her Making and Creating and Craft Things.  She had prepared some wood to make masterpieces on, and had made some papier mache angels for us to decorate.  So this is what we did.  We played.  D.D.F. is mightily creative.  She is a talented Maker of Things, and has a true eye for quality and design.  She just got a first for a Graphic Design qualification.  Of course.  So sitting next to her at a table full of different coloured papers, wall papers, images, feathers, hand crafted paper birds, hearts and stars, colours, stick on gems, gold paint and glue one is bound to do something if not immediately identifiable, at least immensly satisfying.  One starts to express one's heart and soul in these circumstances.  Oh yes.  And she has a collection of word stamps that you stamp into black ink and then print onto whatever you want.  I stamped my Works of Art and mostly the words were Beauty, Love, Mystery, Passion, Music, Magic and Heart.  There were no words for Potatoes, Cheesy Chips or Rice Krispie Cakes.  But we all know they are there in the Ether.

My Angel with Passion.  On here the words read Laughter Wild Life Sweet Heart Passion Dream and then lots of Magics and Beautys and Loves and Mysterys.  And she is really Gor-juss.  This is in my bedroom because it is pretty and that is where all the pretty things go.

My life story.  I have written from the top down, "In my life there are scones" and three butterflies are my three children.  Then an arrow to Aberdeen on the map where I say I met Rhona, and an arrow to the plate of scones saying that we ate lots of them.  Then I say in my past life I was a Black Man (which I firmly believe is true) but now I am a Goddess.  (Which I firmly believe is true too). This is in my studio so I can remind myself of my brief life story when asked to comment on myself as an Artist.

Recurring Themes eh?  Passion and Beauty and Stuff.  This one is in my kitchen in case anyone needs any clues about what I am about (ie when I have left the room or am out at Tescos or whatever.  I am known for not being backwards about coming forwards about myself so you'd only need clues if I wasn't there to give you a monologue with diagrams, charts and actions.)

So.  Finally, before you all go for a wee brisk walk to wake yourselves up, I want to say that going to the Cottage in Oireland was, as ever, an inspiring event. The last picture I will leave you with is 13 Year Old Son wearing my glasses.  We are a very shy bunch, as you can see.  Etc.

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  1. What a wonderful cake! Wonderfulness is only to be expected from Rhona and family of course. Love the collages too. Really looking forward to seeing you and them soon.