Friday 2 July 2010

Exhausted But Happy. Wearing Pink, Planning A Day Off for my website for my other website for the A Graceful Death exibition, paintings from the end of a life to email me.  Go, you know you want to.

How About A Day Off?  Oh, Don't Mind If I Do.

The Artist Putting On Her Lippy.  I am wearing a red jacket here, but rest assured, I have the same one in pink.  If I had my new Michael Caine Get Carter glasses on, I wouldn't be wondering Is this Lipstick or is it a Pritt stick. 

But not today.  No, not for a little while.  How long is a little while?  Because my head is a Buzzing Railway Station of Ideas, Plans and To Do Lists, it could be the week after next.  Some of you will cry "Oh but that is ages away.  You will have imploded with a little puff of smoke by then, what with all the Stuff going on in your life".  Others will peer at me sternly over the top of their glasses and say, "A day off is a Downward Slope.  A day speadeagled on your trampoline in the sun wearing only factor 400 with deliveries of cream buns arranged for every half hour is for those who are Without A Backbone"

Well here is the plan.

I will zap about the country for the next few days.  I will phone people and do Deals and have Interesting Conversations on my mobile in places where other people will hear and envy me my lifestyle.  I will plan Painting Days in the studio and put on my dungarees and my new glasses and paint my commissions and listen to Radio 4.  I will wear a Serious Expression.

I will write my proposals for A Graceful Death for various Bodies (Ha.  Did I really say that?) and I will speak to Energetic Arty Man Who Makes Films about making a film about A Graceful Death.  I will set up the new account for the sponsorship money that is coming in and get myself ready to meet a very inspirational lady who is Big in the End Of Life Debate next week at my house where she will see the paintings and read, because by then it will be done, the Exhibition Plan.

I will plan my Barn Dance, and do all the Necessaries.  Keep your diaries free for the end of August.  I am going back to Dublin Friend's seaside cottage with the kids and will get that organised and a new passport for the Muppet Overlord. My Darling Friend from London will come and stay here with her kiddies while we are away. 

And I will go camping with Clarissa the weekend after this, and take whoever else in our families that wants to come.  Clarissa and I will set up A Graceful Death in a Greenhouse with no glass in a chaotic Festival in a Manor House in Oxford for that Saturday, and Go with the Flow.  We will see if anyone, anyone at all, turns up.  Otherwise, A Graceful Death will be set up in a Greenhouse with No Glass at Milton Manor in Oxford and only Clarissa and I will know it is there.  And some stray gardeners who may be very surprised. 

For those who want to experience this, the A Graceful Death will be at the Festival of the Nine Muses in Milton Manor in Oxford on Saturday 10 July from morning to afternoon.  There will be lots of Poetry and Art and Workshops and somewhere, in the grounds, probably in a field far away, will be Clarissa and I in a Greenhouse with a very profound exhibition on Love and the End of Life.  It will be, I think, Unforgettable.  We will have biscuits and doughnuts and will be ready to answer any of your questions like Why Are You In A Field With An Exhibition On Death At A Poetry Festival?

On coming home, I will have a Day Off.  I am, as you may imagine, very tired but strangely content.  I will lie in the sun on my large wobbly trampoline, and ponder the enormity of life and the randomness of things.  Then I will fall asleep and dream of Cream Teas.

So now.  I am all in pink.  I am pink from my new Yves St Laurant lipstick to my QS (Quality Seconds) flip flops with big flower on top.  I am wearing my new glasses that make me see things, and though one of my friends think they are too severe, I think I look Highly Intellectual and a bit like Michael Caine.  (They have dark thick rims. I look like Get Carter but pinker and more arty).

Brother no. 3 has his birthday today and now, I am going to lunch with him in Dorking.  On the way I will call into Old Teacher Friend, he who calls Costya "Old Boy", and get him to sign Costya's passport photos.  (" I hearby declare I know this Muppet and it is indeed, He.").  I will check out a Village Hall, and later today I will go to the Glorious Clarissa's to have a Dinner Party.  If that does not come off, I will have an early night. 

So A Day Off is Looming.  I say to the serious folk who think it is a Downward Slope, come and join me!  We will slide into oblivion together.

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