Wednesday 30 June 2010

Slurp Down Your Tea Girl, And Get On With Life for the exhibition A Graceful Death, paintings from the end of a life

Pot Of Tea, And Blinking Well Take The World By Storm

Here is the tea.  Here is the Reason To Get Up in the morning.  You may be interested and thrilled to see the new teacosy I made, after Eileen set fire to the last one.  Eileen, for those who have not followed the narrative, is my supremely talented Photographer friend who has no gall bladder.  Briefly, in past postings on this blog, we were told that the Chinese link gall bladders and liver to something like Thwarted and Unfulfilled Lives, and to Anger.  We don't know if this is true, but we liked the thought of the already peaceful and gentle Eileen becoming Godlike, with the removal of her gall bladder making her almost Zen-like without a trace of bad temper.  We are watching Eileen too, to see if she shoots, smiling and nodding like the Pope, to new heights of achievement without the frustrating influence of her gall bladder keeping her down.

So, above is the Tray Of Tea that Starts The Day.  I can't function without tea, and I can't cope without tea in a teapot with a teacosy and full cream milk.  Have these things ready when I come to visit, and I will be yours forever.  Tea wise.

Now for the Studio. 

This is where I am now, at the computer, and where I will go and paint some pictures in a minute.  The trampoline is there because 13 Year Old Son can't keep still.  He put the trampoline right in front of the doors to the TV room so that he can watch telly while jumping.  He has been watching the football, and saw it like a reel of film that has not quite joined together properly. A second in the air, a second down and watching the match.  A second in the air, a second down and watching the match.  This is excellent for 13 Year Old Son who has shown real intelligence in understanding his compulsive fidgeting and thrashing about,  coping with a sedentary thing like TV while doing cartwheels on the trampoline outside.

More news -

  • The French Student has left.  He tried to go home last week but had to come back because of an air traffic controllers strike in France.  We welcomed him back with relief, because he is so nice to have in the house and he can do back flips on the trampoline.  He left on Sunday morning, still without complaint, and is home we think, because he has not come back here.  He was a lovely fellow to have in the house and we hope he will come back and let us adopt him.

  • The Muppet turned a year older on Sunday.  We had a party on Brighton Beach and a Barbeque at 20 Year Old Daughter's flat after.  We had lots of people, most of them family, and all of them Salt of the Earth.  We can, if we want, fill the Emirates Staduim with family.  We are Legion and all pretty fab too.

  • Arty Man Who Makes Films and Whizzes About is fun to have around.  His lovely Ginger Best Friend made us a cake yesterday which was Chocolate and therefore Fab.

  • I have four new pairs of glasses coming!  I am so excited that I will have to eat the rest of the Chocolate Cake.  I lost all my glasses and can't see my work, so I expect that it is quite impressionist and abstract.  I will have two pairs of Studio Glasses, one pair of Driving Glasses and one pair of Driving Sun Glasses!  Wow!  I know!  How about that!  Jealous?  Thought so.
Now a big Arty Excitement.  The Rev Rachel Mann has agreed to a portrait of her as the Rock Chick Angel of the North.  She is the Rock Chick Angel of the North.  Her portrait will be such a celebration of her energy and personal drive and success over terrible illness.  And her undoubted contribution to the lives of those she touches in her Ministry.  I can't wait.

And, Rev Rachel Mann is going to have A Graceful Death for a couple of weeks in her church in Feb 2011.  She and her church have shown great courage in showing it in the church itself, and I am grateful.  I will go and see the Church and Rachel and her Guitars in September and the world will shake on its axis.

I and my boys are away this weekend with the Glorious Clarissa.  We are away next weekend too, camping with the Glorious Clarissa and her lovely girls.  Soon we all go to Ireland to visit our lovely Irish Friends who let us stay with them at their cottage by the sea in Arklow.  Every year I know I have to go in the sea.  It had become a Thing, and if I don't the sky will fall down.  The sea is terribly terribly cold and I hate the cold.  But I love Ireland and my friends and so I have to gear myself up, select a small square of sea to enter, do as the Beserkers used to do in order to build themselves into a frenzy before battle (they used to chew on their shields I am told, and probably lots of other things too)  ( I will chew on 13 Year Old Son who will be standing next to me making sure that I don't cheat) , and spend half a day going in slowly watched distainfully by the seals who love the cold water and feel superior.

I have to finish Alan's lovely Mum in the Angels At A Celestial Bustop today, and start on the Secret Birthday Commission.  I have also to find the Muppet's passport to renew it before we go away.  He is very thoughtful and vague about it, which doesn't help. 

However, into the studio to paint now.  Hoorah.  But before I go, another pot of tea. 


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