Friday 11 June 2010

Short Analysis Of Angels in Arundel, Family, Cooking and Being Droopy for my other website about Jesus travelling on a Tube Train for the A Graceful Death exhibition of paintings of the end of a life

A Short Discourse on Angels, Family, Cooking and Droopiness

Angels on Pebbles on sale in Arundel.  These Angels go with you wherever you want, just pop the suitably varnished (and thus hard wearing and weather proof) Angel Stone into your pocket, handbag, sporren, and let her Inspire you all day.  Take her out and put her on your desk as you work, or in the car with you as you drive, or if you are a Shy Angel Possessor, put her safely out of sight and let her keep you in her thoughts from the deepest recesses of wherever you carry her.  Or leave her at home to decorate the house and welcome you back as you come into the house.  Up to you.  No pressure.

Here are some more.  Believe me, there are millions and so far, people are loving them.  I am delighted and tend to love the people back, to encourage them.  I like the idea of kids taking one into exams with them, or into school when they need a bit of a boost.  Some of the Angels have writing on them, saying Walk Tall (on a very tall one) or I'm Here, or Yipppeeee and so on.

Family.  Next bit of discourse and analysis.  Today, I came home from Arundel and a Fine Morning of Selling to find Brother No 3, here which is always a bonus.  He said the door was open and it was just as well I wasn't here because he had to say his Office.  Good, I said, carry on. Brother No 3 is a priest.  But why, I thought to myself, was the door open in the first place?  It was probably Costya the Teenage Overlord on his way out to another heady lunch in a pizza place with his mysterious pals none of whom I have ever met, spoken to, nor had the honour of knowing their names.  I take it I am still embarrasing.  And I suspect he has told them all that I have an Irish Accent and dress in African Scarves and am Odd Beyond Reason and Not To Be Trusted.  I think there is a bit of transference going on there if that is the case.

So, Brother No 3 silently says his office.  I keep quiet because God is listening to him and may not like to be disturbed.  Heelllloooo says a voice from the doorway (still wide open.  We have given up, you are all welcome, just pile on in) and Lo!  It is 20 Year Old Daughter and my Mother!  Time for Tea they cry, God releases Brother No 3 from his obligations for the moment, and I put the kettle on.  As we sat around the kitchen table everyone talked at once and misheard everyone else and told the person next to them exactly how to live their lives.  Bliss.  My lovely family are never backwards in coming forwards and after a lot of excited giving of advice, opinions and facts, they set about discussing my new kitchen.

Alan, Bless him Forever, is helping me to re do my kitchen.  This is a measure of his generosity but I am sad he isn't here to do it with me.  However, it will be the best I can do in his honour.

Soon I gave up responding to questions and ideas.  This wasn't about me, this was a Kitchen For The New Millenium, and I was getting in the way. I was being too cautious (No, I think I will keep the fridge.  No, I don't want a water feature) and I needed to be Over Ruled. 

Hours later, exhausted, everyone left.   13 Year Old Son came back from school and Costya the Teenage Overlord came back from his Lunch with Mysterious Pals, the French Student came home and finally the Sexy Polish Grandmother Who Speaks Not A Word of English came home.  This leads me onto Cooking.

Cooking.  I was so so exhausted that I couldn't be bothered.  Everyone had scraps and tomato ketchup and so far, the French Student who is possibly the best brought up person in the Universe, still has not complained.  My dinner was Fruit and Nut where I sucked all the chocolate off and spat out the fruit and nuts, and some vegetable soup, and a packet of Salt and Vinegar Crisps.

Finally. Droopiness.  This is how I feel today.  Droopy, slow, sad and overwhelmed.  I have a sense of emptiness and exhaustion which is about the loss of Alan and Steve. The only way to get past this is to go through it so I am doing just that.  This is Day Nine of Being Single, and there is a long way to go.

This is the Walk Tall Angel, which is my Angel for today.


  1. Love the angels. Hang on in there with the sadness - you'll come out of this stronger. Take care. xxx

  2. And wow wow wow about the new kitchen. Such a great present.