Monday 7 June 2010

Day Five Of Being Single And I Am Not Going To Die for my website for my other website for the A Graceful Death exhibition of paintings from the end of a life to email me.

Day Five Of Being Single And Of Course I Am Not Going To Die

The Boutique Bed And Breakfast Massage Chair that was a Must before breakfast.  I felt that Snow White's seven dwarfs were hammering away at me but it did me no end of good.  Clarissa nearly died laughing when it was her turn so I want to know what buttons she pressed on the controls.

No no no.  I am not going to die.  If I did, who would feed the French Student?  Who would smile and nod at the Sexy Polish Grandmother Who Speaks Not A Word Of English and Lives In My Spare Room?  If I died, how would 13 Year Old Son get his Whole Roasted Ox for breakfast and all his other meals?  How would the Angels get painted and how, you tell me this, would the A Graceful Death be developed and made More Excellent than it already is?  And further more, who would wear my new Marks and Spencers Fancy High Heeled Shoes that I bought with Clarissa in Oxford?  There's a sobering thought.  Who would wear those shoes if I died?  And since I am about 6' 1" in them, I think I need to stay alive to make sure I get to as many places as possible in them and make sure everyone loves them as much as I do. 

Day Five of being Single. It is not so bad.  It is possible to do.  It is the right thing to do, and it is made so much better by knowing that there is a man who loves me and wants the best for me, despite our decision to call it a day. It makes the future friendly, not hostile.  And I wish Alan all the very very best and know that he will find his peace and happiness because he deserves it.

Now.  Onto other things.  Here they are. 

  • The Glorious Clarissa and I went to Oxford.  Yes, and we booked into a Boutique Bed and Breakfast which was as fancy as you can imagine.  I had a water bed to sleep on.  I had a water bed with controls to sleep on.  I looked for settings such as Tempest Mode or Hawaiian Surfing Mode but they were more sensible than that.  A quiet night's sleep with one's spine supported as if by angels was the general idea.
  • At breakfast, where my vegetarian option was Eggs Benedict with Haloumi Cheese, we found a Massage Chair.  Clarissa nearly needed hospitalisation when she had her turn in it because she laughed so much.  I thought she would explode.  Whatever the chair was doing to her, it was worth every penny paid by the Boutique Bed and Breakfast, as Clarissa certainly had an experience others would spend years trying to find. 
  • Having done our Business at Milton Manor where A Graceful Death will be showing next, we went to Oxford where we said "Gosh what lovely architecture, look at that college there Oooh look there's Marks and Spencers...and Primark..." We had a small attack of Retail Therapy.
  • That evening I went to a birthday party in the Golf Club next to Wimbledon Common.  It was Rocking Richard Martin's 40th, and if you have been following this blog, you will know that Cecil had her party a month ago and I was extremely impressed with Richard's dancing.  He is a smart lawyer and a very clever witty man and so to see he could dance too was just the icing on the cake.  His wife is my darling pal Lucy and it is a Given that Lucy can dance.  Even in her highest heels, can Lucy dance.  In fact, Lucy, Cecil and I are the Business on the dance floor.  We have a) no shame b) no boundaries c)age on our side (we don't care). 

Work Things are thus -

  • A new commission from a lovely lady at Lucy's Party for Rocking Richard.  Thank You God.  (And Lovely Lady)
  • All my cards in the Chichester shop have sold. 
  • Am painting new pictures for A Graceful Death, one of which may be funded which would help.
  • Got help at last to fill in Arts Council Funding Application Form
  • And, I may have another Grandmother living here soon. 
  • Am I collecting Grandmothers?

Apart from that, I am being cheered along by friends and family and I am having a Barn Dance for my 50th birthday.  It is a fact.

Now. Day Five is underway, and much has to be done.  Onwards, as I keep saying, and Upwards.

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