Friday 18 June 2010

Yawning And Sighing The Single Artist Has A Nice Day Ahead In The Studio for the A Graceful Death exhibition, paintings from the end of a life to email me with your commission requests of your nearest and dearest as Angels.

Yawning And Sighing, The Single Artist (Me) Has A Nice Day Ahead In The Studio.

We start the day with this picture called "Elderly Angels Waiting At A Celestial Bustop".  I am adapting this to Alan's specifications because he has a few Tweaks and Ideas for it.  You see, you could have your family and/or friends painted as Angels.  It is a funny profound clever and loving thing to do.  But then, that's me, isn't it? (Quick, paint an Angel called Hubris.)

The Yawning and Sighing is still going on.  I had two dreams last night, one of which was lovely and the other was not.  The lovely one had me getting up to dance from a chair in a hall with the man of my dreams.  He was someone I knew but when he pulled me up to dance I laughed because I was In Love and we were going to be married after the dance.  I remember in the dream he was so tall I had to stand on tip toes to nibble his earlobe.  What I was doing that for, God only knows.  The second dream was where I was talking to my Man who had just come back from a holiday.  In my dream, the Man who was my Beloved, looked like Max Wall.  This character to whom in my dreams, I had at some point, dedicated my life and soul in love and romance, was rubbing his hands together and telling me that actually yes, he had taken another woman on holiday with him.  In the dream I was not surprised because the man was a Toad, but I was very upset. 

So here we are now!  The Toad was a dream and the Man I Was To Marry After The Dance With The Earlobes was a dream.  I am in my studio, with oh so much to do.  Here is an Angel -

This is the "Bring It On" Angel for the Glorious Clarissa.  It is a statement in Angel Speak for her life to become consumed with Excitement and Fun. 

  The above Angels are painted to order and start at £40.00. Generally these paintings are about 7" x 9".  But you can have any Angel, at any size that you want.   If you want a portrait as an Angel, they become more expensive.  I am doing a Before and After Angel Diptych for a lovely lady at the moment.  It shows her as an Angel in her every day sports/gardening/being very busy clothes in one side panel of wood.  The other side panel shows her as an Angel in her finest finery, washed and brushed and wearing her best dress and shoes. That counts as a double portrait and costs around £300.

  The painting below of Elli the Graduation Angel was a portrait at £150.

So you can decide that you want your Mother or Neighbour or Yourself painted as an Angel.  You can decide they are to be a Gardening Angel, or a Dog Walking Angel, or if it is yourself, an Irresistable Angel.  If you can't decide, talk to me and we can come up with ideas.  My email address is always at the top of my blogs. 

I do have a nice day ahead today.  I am finising painting the Anne and Peter Snell portrait of Peter in his Hospice days before he died.  This wonderful man asked me to come and paint him to include him in the A Graceful Death exhibition.  He and his wife are so loving and connected in this painting.  It is unfinished, and this is how it is so far -

I will finish the picture today I hope.  Tonight Eileen comes to stay, and I think the Polish Grandmother who Speaks Not A Word Of English,  leaves.  So far she has not, but because we can't communicate I am just waiting to see what happens.  If she does go, Eileen can have her room.  If not, then someone has to sleep in the car.  The house is full again, as the Costya the Teenage Overlord has come home for the Summer, 20 Year Old Daughter is not well and is coming back to rest, 13 Year Old Son actually lives her, and the French Student is also still here till next week.  Oh, and I live here too.  Oh, and tomorrow Nice Private Friend from Chichester is visiting and it is 13 Year Old Son's Sports Day.  Ha. 

Must call the Rocking Rev Rachel Mann now.  A Graceful Death is going up there and we need to discuss dates.  And she is forever, the Rock Chick Angel Of The North.

I am the Weary Single Blobby Angel of the South.

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