Monday 28 June 2010

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My Internet Connection Exploded

It did kind of explode.  I exploded it, I tripped over the wires late last night and pulled it all from the wall and it went pooop.  We have no internet and therefore, no emails and not much Spontaneous Blogging.

So here I am in a Moving Grooving Bognor Regis Internet Cafe blogging in public with all my shopping in bags at my feet.  Soon, I am taking the Muppet Overlord to a lovely old friend's house for tea.  Even when the Teenage Overlord was at his most Mutinous, which was, to all who remember, pretty damn mutinous, this lovely old gentleman gave him English Lessons after school.  Lessons included bone china cups of tea and currant buns and lashings of praise and deeply understanding nodding of head and pursing of lips.  Delightful Old Friend is a retired teacher and has a way with difficult kiddies.  He actually thinks they just need time with him and they will feel better, and blow me down.  He is right.  So the Foul Tempered Teenage Overlord went for what was generally intended as English Lessons, but were in fact whatever he wanted to do or talk about.  With lashings of fine teas and toasted teacakes.  This Old Friend, a real Mr Chips, used to call him "Old Boy".  I fought the urge to call him "Spawn of the Devil", which was not very nice (not least to me, as I was his Mum and I spawned him so what did that make me?  Eh? ).  So I will take Costya and myself for a real slap up tea with slabs of butter on our mountains of toasted crumpets and pot after pot of fine English Tea (from Ceylon).  And Dear Elderly Teacher will pat Costya on the back and say "I knew you would do it Old Boy, you were always Very Bright/Wonderful/Misunderstood" and mean it.  Costya only agrees with nice things about himself so he will agree strongly.

Oh how busy I am.  I am so full of life and art and happiness.  What!  You cry, you were but a Worm, Crying and Wailing In Your Garden a small while ago.  I have found the first firm sponsors of A Graceful Death and I am so happy.  I am setting up a proper account for it now, because there is Money Coming In just for the exhibition to be able to fly.  I am brown in the sun, I am going on holiday, I have commissions, I have so much to do and to look forward to.  Well, you may say, you are certainly not one to stay down for long.  No! I yell in reply!  My Life Is On The Up!  I am excited about painting.  I am excited about my birthday.  My children seem happy and that is a relief.  I have the excitement of Motor Bike Arty Man Who Makes Films And Does Nothing By Halves who lives, when he is there, in my spare room.  And his nice sweet best friend who pops in and out too. 

Ooops have to go now, my 50p is up and the Internet Cafe computer will explode too.  I will get back on my bike and go home and collect the Muppet, who will wear his best Bling, and go to our Afternoon Tea with the lovely old teacher friend.  He was my English teacher at school, so that is history.

Bye.  I will must try and find a Computer Man to mend my Internet Connection.  After tea though.  Nothing ever yet has come between me and my tea.  So exploding computer will have to wait. Actually, it is quite good because I have to concentrate on painting and can't pretend that I have new clients to find on Facebook. 

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  1. Hope you both had a lovely afternoon. And well done for finding sponsorship - hopefully more will follow soon!